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Magda Chudzik


I'm a frontend developer, web & graphic designer and photographer.

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About me

I’m a frontend developer, creative web & graphic designer and award-winning photographer as well as a technical psychican by education. At work, I combine technical skills with artistic vision. I made projects for various companies (e-commerce, B2B and B2C) which allows me to be a worthy member of the team which prepares materials, starting from an idea, through implementation, to marketing campaigns.

I have extensive experience as a graphic designer. I have comprehensively prepared various digital and print materials for the marketing campaigns.

I design and implement responsive UI using these technologies and software:
Webpack 5
Visual Studio Code
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe XD
Adobe Illustrator


Workspace of tomorrow

The website “Workspace of tomorrow” aims at showing how the office work will change in the future. I have created this website for Nowy Styl which is an European leader in the office furniture sector.

The project range: Layout design (Figma), frontend development, Wordpress theme implementation. The technology stack: Date of implementation: 2021
Workspace of tomorrow
Photographer's portfolio

The website shows the pictures in an attractive way and focuses the visitors' attention on the author's pics.

The project range: Layout design (Adobe Photoshop), frontend development, Wordpress theme implementation, SEO. The technology stack: Date of implementation: 2020
Weather App

Check the current weather as well as the forecast for the next 16 days in a selected town by using geolocation.

The project range: Layout design (Figma), frontend development. The technology stack: Date of implementation: 2021
Workspace of tomorrow
The frontend developer portfolio

The website which you are currently viewing. Check more details and how I made it.

The project range: Layout design (Figma), frontend development. The technology stack: Date of implementation: 2021

After work

After work - education

I gain new skills

The world moves forward and I try to go with it. I’m a self-taught and I want to develop my current skills and gain new ones in the future. Each day, I try to find at least a moment for writing a code. Lately, I have focused on learning some advanced aspects of Javascript and the basics of TypeScript and Angular.

After work - education

I take urban and landscape pictures

I like to re-define my surroundings, frequently showing simple elements in an unusual way. In my pieces, I work with light and clear forms, vesting my photos with a dose of nostalgia. My vision of the world has been recognized in many photography contests, both Polish and international. If you are interested in...

Check my pictures
After work - education

I design various graphics

I’m a fan of minimalism, geometry and clean design. I comprehensively design materials for the Internet and for printing, from the Google Adwords or social media campaigns to the large-format ads. My experience, gained while working for various brands and trades, makes me ready for each and every challenge.